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Hi guys! I'm Davis and I'm currently pursuing a master's degree in Business Administration. Aside from my studies I thrive in the world of creativity and beyond. I work as an actor, speaker and filmmaker, creating emotional performance behind and in front of the curtain. Together with two fellow students of the bachelor's degree in Media Engineering we founded a film-production-company named ETUMFilms .


Until now I've done over 50+ TV spots, motion pictures, social media commercials and hosted substantial events like The Swiss Music Awards, The Dance, Zurich Film Festival 72. I’ve also taken part in various Fashionshows and many more as a speaker and presenter 


I'm so thrilled that our paths crossed on this page. Take a look around, discover my work, my passion for performance and film .

You are what you believe yourself to be .”

Paulo Coelho

Showreel .

Showreel .